Eye of the Beholder Trilogy is free on GOG as part of their classic D&D sale



GOG must be in a very generous mood right now. Following on from Tuesday’s Witcher 3 giveaway to owners of the game on other platforms, they’re now handing out the classic D&D RPG Eye of the Beholder Trilogy for free.

Originally released back in 1991, the Eye of the Beholder Trilogy includes a set of first-person real-time RPGs based on the Advanced Dungeon & Dragons 2nd Edition’s game rules. Your band of adventurers will root around the Waterdeep Sewers, Temple Darkmoon and Myth Drannor across all three games – and, in a neat move, you can bring the same party with you in each entry.

I’ve never had the pleasure of playing these myself, but the nostalgia seems to be hitting pretty hard for those that have ventured forth before. It’ll be interesting to see quite how well they all hold up nearly 30 years later.

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