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Devolver Digital’s Fall Guys continues to be one of the most discussed new video games on social media. Fall Guys seems to be the game that Twitter cannot get enough of, either because it is engaging, has a funny social media team, has collaborations such as skins based on Portal 2 and other titles, or some combination of the three.

Because of this popularity, creators across Twitter have been making their own concepts for outfits. Now, a user has created a line of skin ideas that combine Fall Guys with one of the hottest video game properties of all time: Pokemon.

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Fall Guys‘ outfits are one of the best parts of the game, allowing players to set themselves apart from the pack in unique ways. The desire for many fans to create their own themed outfits even inspired a charity contest ran by Fall Guys, in which companies have been encouraged to outbid one another to get a skin of their choice in the game. As of this writing, FGTeeV has the highest bid with $422,222.22.

The Pokemon skin concepts, created by Twitter user Chase Morello, have the adorable jellybean competitors dressed as the final evolutionary forms of Pokemon‘s Kanto starters: Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur. These skins have the character’s faces coming through the neck of the Pokemon, rather than the face as some might expect. The heads of the Pokemon themselves look similar to the Raptor costume with heads that seem as though they could flop around in-game.

While these are well-done outfits, it’s doubtful they could make an appearance in the actual game considering Pokemon is a Nintendo IP. However, despite Fall Guys only being available on PC and PS4, a recent datamine of the game suggests a Nintendo Switch version could be on the way, which may mean a set of Pokemon-themed outfits could be in the game’s future if those rumors turn out to be true.

Although these outfits are just concepts, a recent leak for Fall Guys suggests the game has a plethora of collaborations coming sometime down the line. In addition to the recent Valve-related skins that have come to the game, players can potentially expect to see multiple Devolver Digital-themed skins including The MessengerMy Friend Pedro, and Gato Roboto. Even if it doesn’t get a deal with The Pokemon Company, it seems Fall Guys has a long life ahead of it.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PS4.

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