FIFA 22 Ratings Bug Gives Messi Three Star Skills

EA published FIFA 22's top 100 rated players on Friday, but something about the skill ratings of the game's top players didn't really sit right.

As the release date of FIFA 22 inches ever closer, EA continues to reveal more about the next installment in the decades-old series. Most of the hype for the past week has focused in on the reveal of the game's top-rated players. First the top ten, and then a full breakdown of the game's 100 best players released over the weekend.

However, as highlighted almost immediately by those wanting to see where their favorite players placed this coming year, something wasn't right. When checking out Lionel Messi's stats, who with a rating of 93 will be the best player in FIFA 22, many noticed his skill moves rating was only three stars out of a maximum of five.

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There has been an argument made by some that Messi's skill moves rating should be downgraded as the Argentine isn't actually that flashy when compared to other top players. He is just better at the beautiful game. However, it seems unlikely that EA would have taken that suggestion on board, especially since it's a minority of FIFA players and considering Messi is once again the best player on FIFA for this coming year.

A quick look at the skill rating of other top players, and ones that perform a lot more stepovers and flicks than Messi, revealed that it wasn't a downgrade at all. It was simply a bug that, for some reason, reduced every player's skill rating by one star. The mystery was solved when people noticed the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar had four-star ratings when anything less than five for either of them would be criminal.

FIFA 22 launches on all major platforms on October 1, 2021. While it will be available on last-gen consoles, unlike FIFA 21, it will not come with a free next-gen upgrade. As for the skill rating issue, that already appears to have been fixed. Messi has had his four stars restored, and the likes of Ronaldo and Neymar both have five-star ratings once again.

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