For The King II Trailer Introduces Scourges, Landboats and More

For The King II Trailer Introduces Scourges, Landboats and More

In 2022, Curve Games along with IronOak Games announced that For The King II will be releasing sometime in 2023. Curve Games is an independent video game publisher that has been involved in the release of The Ascent and Autonauts. Today, the companies have released a trailer and more screenshots for the game as it steers the course to a release sometime this year. The game will release on PC via Steam.

The companies have released a new trailer introducing fresh content for the roguelike, turn-based RPG. In the trailer, viewers will get a look at Landboats, Mercenaries and Pets and Scourges. Each of these have their own features and will play a unique role on the battleground. Moreover, in the game, players head to Queensguard, a city filled with thieves where players must risk treason or band together with outlaws. The main goal is to bring an end to the Queen’s oppressive reign.


Additionally, players will be able to enjoy multiplayer and co-op in the game as well as brutal and fun turn-based combat where tactics reign supreme. Players must arm their characters with skills and gears to gain the advantage in combat. Also, procedurally generated maps and a variety of different loot keeps the game fresh and gives players the opportunity to play with different styles.

The Resistance Trailer gives some insight into the game’s graphics, combat and more ahead of its release.

What are your thoughts on For The King II? Have you been interested in the game since its announcement? Did you ever try For The King? What do you think about the new trailer? Are you looking forward to the fresh content that was introduced? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.


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