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Although the surprise was spoiled ahead of time through leaks and datamines, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 still looks to be one of the biggest for the popular battle royale game. It doesn’t start for a few more hours, but Season 4 will bring together a collection of Marvel heroes and villains for the Nexus War, Fortnite‘s version of a major comic book event.

In the reveal trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Thor pulls familiar faces like Wolverine, Storm, and Dr. Doom out of their element and brings them to the Fortnite island. The bulk of the scene is played for laughs as the Marvel characters square off with Fortnite skins like Peely the giant banana, but there is a “mic drop” moment when the camera zooms off into the distance. Galactus is coming to Fortnite and the devourer of worlds will seemingly be the key figure in the Nexus War.

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The full list of confirmed heroes and villains for Marvel’s Nexus War are:



Groot (and Rocket Racoon)

Dr. Doom



Iron Man

Since the season hasn’t started yet, Fortnite fans can only speculate on how the larger story will come together. The Battle Pass trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 shows that the Marvel characters will be playable in the battle royale game, but it’s unclear if they will have a separate mode, if they will be unlockable with the battle royale experience, or both.

Either way, developer Epic Games seems to have done a great job of preserving the spirit of each character in the diverse roster. Some of the designs are more in line with the Marvel Cinematic Universe iterations of the character, while others stay true to the comics.

Over the course of its multi-year history, Fortnite has pulled off a lot of impressive feats. Crossovers with popular brands and pieces of media (like DC Comics), massive live concerts with a scope and scale unheard of for an in-game event, and a complete revamp in the form of Chapter 2 have helped Fortnite establish itself as an ever-evolving experience.

However, this Nexus War event could be the biggest thing the game has offered yet. Assuming there will be a live event featuring a showdown with Galactus, it would be Fortnite beating the Marvel films to the punch. And if the Travis Scott concert is anything to go by, there is a lot of potential for impressive moments, all within Fortnite.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 starts August 27 after the 2am ET maintenance concludes. It usually lasts a few hours.

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