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Fortnite has introduced a new season with a reveal that many fans had been highly anticipating. Fortnite and Marvel have teamed up to include several heroes and villains in the popular battle royale game. The narrative in the game is that these characters have arrived mysteriously and intend to defeat Galactus, but at the moment fans are getting to grips with new challenges that enable them to unlock special content. One of these challenges requires downing Doctor Doom.

The new Marvel characters in Fortnite bridge cinematic universes and interestingly it seems that the heroes and villains have been chosen carefully. While Doctor Doom features, his usual enemies the Fantastic Four are nowhere to be seen. With that in mind, it seems fitting that Fortnite players will have to defeat the villain in a new challenge. Players who defeat the villain will be rewarded with a Mystical Bomb and Arcane Gauntlets and while it takes some strategy, for many the reward will justify the effort.

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While on the Battle Bus, Fortnite players will need to aim for Pleasant Park, which has been renamed as Doom’s Domain. From there players should head to the largest dark house in the area and land on the roof. Dr. Doom is in the house but by using the pickaxe to get in through the roof, players should be able to use the high ground as an advantage against the supervillain. If players try to go through the front door there is little cover and from above players should be able to surprise the enemy. From this point on players simply need to down the enemy and this should be made easier through the height advantage. Once this is done players simply need to pick up the items the character drops which are the Mystical Bomb and Arcane Gauntlets.


The new Nexus Wars in Fortnite open up new possibilities for entertainment beyond traditional battle royale gameplay. The challenges and rewards that have already been revealed seem to be pleasing fans and many will be interesting in unlocking the skins and abilities of their favorite Marvel characters. With that in mind, Season 4 may bring new life into Fortnite and attract an even wider audience.

While this is not the first Fortnite crossover event, it is one of the biggest in terms of its cast. It will be intriguing to see how the game can leverage the comic book stars and create an enjoyable experience with more challenges and unlockable items in the future.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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