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Despite being banned from Google and Apple’s mobile device stores, Fortnite still seems to be going strong. Many are excited for the ongoing Marvel crossover, with its new skins and points of interest. A new Silver Surfer skin has already leaked, and more fun things are no doubt on the way.

The addition of new opportunities and objectives is easily one of Fortnite‘s biggest selling points. The game never sits still, and it keeps adding things for players to find. One of the less notable, but still fun pickups added now is a piece of tech from Stark industries. Anyone who cannot become one of the Avengers themselves can find a Stark Energy Rifle to use, and here’s exactly how to do it.

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The Avengers are known for their awesome power and incredible teamwork, and also for their stylish Quinjet. Several jets matching its description are crashed around the map and they are full of loot. Some of the loot found around these jets are the Energy Rifles, and now may be the only time to get them. Season 4’s vaulting decisions are already made, but that doesn’t mean a weapon won’t disappear if it proves overpowered enough.

Tony Stark has not left his crashed assets unguarded: each Quinjet is protected by several Stark Industry Robots. These robots do a lot of damage, and will ruthlessly gun down anyone who approaches the crashed vehicle. While it may seem strange to fight against robots made by one of the Avengers, keep in mind that Epic is currently waging an ad war against a major tech giant. Fighting Tony Stark and his creations doesn’t seem so far removed.

Believe it or not, the jet is not the primary target. While there is plenty of good loot inside, the robots are the ones carrying the actual energy rifle. Knock them down, then deliver the finishing blow to collect the Energy Rifle.


The rifle fires lasers long distance, but doesn’t have rapid fire capabilities. Each shot is very powerful though, so be sure to aim carefully. Once in hand, they are useful for other tasks around the map, like beating Dr. Doom.

What else will the future hold for Fortnite? It’s hard to say at the moment, and it’s hard to say how popular the Energy Rifle will becmome. Still, now that it’s apparently possible for players to play Fortnite on Android again, a larger playerbase will have a chance to find out how powerful the Rifle is.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and Android, with PS5 and Xbox Series X support planned for later this year.

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