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Season 4 of Fortnite is treating players to an influx of Marvel-themed characters and goodies. The latest addition involves an ongoing storyline shared by Thor and Galactus, and invites players to visit mythic attractions, like the so-called Bifrost Marks.

Historically speaking, Bifrost Marks are burned into the ground whenever someone uses the Bifrost (an ethereal bridge between Asgard, Thor’s homeland, and Midgard, the human world.) Whenever Thor “magically” lands on Earth after using the Bifrost, for example, he leaves behind a burning Bifrost Mark on the ground. In Fortnite, a series of those marks can now be found on the map, and will lead towards the completion of the new Thor’s Awakening challenges.

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First and foremost, players will need to unlock the Thor skin, now that Thor is playable in Fortnite – none of the Thor’s Awakening challenges can be completed without playing as Thor. Once properly dressed, players will simply need to find the Bifrost Marks located near Weeping Woods and approach them until the challenge is marked as complete.


The marks, which will appear as large sigils burnt into the ground, are found clustered together atop a hill. The hill in question is found east of Weeping Woods, in a new area called “Sentinel”. Speaking of which, players should keep an eye out for new locations in general, seeing as the Nexus War crossover changed the Fortnite map in many ways. With regard to the Bifrost Marks, the most straightforward route would be a classic Party Bus ride. Once above Weeping Woods, just skydive towards the hidden location, which is specifically at the map’s Column E, just between Rows 5 and 6. There are more than enough Bifrost Marks at the site to make it obvious a player has arrived.

Simply walking around the Bifrost Marks is enough to complete the challenge, so it’s certainly recommended that players enter the match with some additional goals in mind. Insofar as the Thor’s Awakening challenges, this only represents one of the three tasks required to complete the questline. So players hoping to unlock Thor’s Mjolnir as a pickaxe, and a dynamic new Thunder God emote, should go on to complete the remaining two challenges.

Now that Aquaman and Thor have received the special challenge treatment too, players can’t help but wonder what other superheroes may be featured in the upcoming season. With Thor stepping up as an Avenger, should players expect the next big candidate to be from the X-Men? At any rate, the literally countless number of X-Men and other Marvel heroes in existence should offer a vast pool of source material to developers looking for interesting new weapon and cosmetic ideas.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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