Game Rant Arcade Episode 34: Dr Disrespect’s Game Studio, Diablo 4 Shakeup

It's been long week full of video game rumors, speculation, and some major shakeups at big studios. While there's always plenty to speculate over in the games industry, this week, in particular, was rife with things for Cameron and Anthony to discuss in Game Rant Arcade Episode 34.

Kicking things off, three high profile developers have been ousted from Blizzard, including Diablo 4's game director. The developers allegedly had active roles in some of the toxic controversies currently plaguing Activision, including involvement with the "Cosby Suite" that was detailed in the State of California lawsuit.

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In more positive news, Xbox's Gamescom showcase has been confirmed and should include a look at both first-party and third-party games from the company. There are plenty of Xbox exclusives that are due for updates, though it isn't entirely clear what fans will see during the show. However, it seems like a no-brainer to expect some new information about Halo Infinite.

Meanwhile, a rumor claims that FromSoftware is developing another PlayStation exclusive game, though it supposedly isn't Bloodborne 2. The rumors should be taken with a massive grain of salt, however, as there's currently little corroborating information to back it up. However, there are certainly plenty who want to see PlayStation's relationship with From Software continue.

Next up, Dr Disrespect is opening his own game studio, which will make a battle royale game. However, the streamer has been adamant that it will redefine the genre, believing the title will unseat Call of Duty: Warzone as the number one game. However, all that's been shown so far is a bit of concept art, and expectations aren't being managed all too well.

Game Rant Arcade is available now on various podcast services. Listen to the episode directly below or through one of the listed links.

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  • Xbox Gamescom Showcase Announced
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  • Dr Disrespect is Making a Game
  • Canceled Power Rangers Game Surfaces
  • Pokemon Unite
  • Eldest Souls
  • A Day in the Life of Cameron and Anthony
  • Should we be upset about Horizon's delay?
  • What Makes a Good Indie Game?

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