Genshin Impact Details Next Character, the Explosively Adorable Klee

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Developer miHoYo has unveiled the next character to be added into their wildly popular online RPG Genshin Impact – the explosively adorable Klee.

Klee will be added to the game in the Sparkling Steps event wish, which is kicking off on October 20th. Fans will be able to try, try, and try again to unlock Klee to their character roster.

Klee was already in the game as part of the “Mystery of the Girl in Red’s Treasure” storyline, so this is the first chance to actually play as her.

Fans will be able to take part of the new banner until November 9th, during which the five-star character Klee will get a “huge drop-rate boost!” Four-star characters Xingqiu, Noelle, and Sucrose will also be boosted.

Here’s a new trailer showcasing Klee and her abilities:

In related news, developer miHoYo confirmed the next big expansion to the game, Dragonspine, is being released in December – you can read more about that here in our previous report.

Developer miHoYo is also planning on releasing new characters over time, as well as new release platforms. Genshin Impact also earned over $100 million within the first two weeks since it launched.

Genshin Impact is now available for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and smartphones via iOS or Android. A Nintendo Switch version is planned.

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