Ghost of Tsushima Guide – All Collectibles and Their Locations

ghost of tsushima

If it wasn’t obvious already, Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is a massive game with lots of activities and tons of collectibles. Let’s take a look at all of them here along with their locations. As a general tip, make sure to use the Traveler’s Attire when searching for collectibles since they allow the Guiding Wind to guide you to specific Artifacts unlock with uncovering more of the map.

First up are all the Hot Springs. Hot Springs are useful for increasing one’s max health and there are 18 different locations for them. Check them all out below.

To increase one’s Resolve, it’s important to find different Bamboo Strikes. These are memorization mini-games and you’ll need to input the correct button combinations within a short period to complete them. Here are the locations for all 16 Bamboo Strikes.

Next up are Inari Shrines, of which there are 49 in total. You’ll need to find a Fox Den first and follow the little critter to find each so check out all their locations below. Honoring an Inari Shrine will help unlock new Charm Slots.

Hidden Altars, as the name indicates, aren’t denoted on the map. In fact, the only thing really letting you know of their existence is a sign denoting the “bow” emote. Sure enough, bow in front of these and something will happen to indicate that an altar has been found. Here are the locations for all ten Hidden Altars.

There are 16 Shinto Shrines and unlock Inari Shrines, they confer different Charms which can give you an edge. However, you’ll need to do a bit of platforming in some cases to reach them. Check out the video guide below for more details.

Not quite the “towers” that one expects from an open world game but the Lighthouses still need to be scaled. There are eight in total – see their locations below.

Sashimono Banners don’t really confer any gameplay advantages. However, being representative the banners of the various clans, they’re still important. There are 80 banners to collect so check out all their locations below.

Want to learn a bit more about the Mongols or just the lore in general? Then it’s worth hunting down the various Records littered throughout the world. Here are the locations of all 40.

Mongol Artifacts are easily found when using the Traveler’s Attire. Nevertheless, here are the locations of all 50 here.

Singing Crickets are key for two main reasons. One, they unlock new songs to play on the flute, which makes picturesque scenes all the more incredible. Two, they contribute to unlocking songs which can change the weather. Here are all of their locations:

There are a variety of different vanity items throughout the various regions. You’ll find them at Pillars of Honor and Haiku spots. Of course, you also have various cosmetics like headbands and hats in specific locations, just hanging out. Here are the locations for all the Vanity Gear below.

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