Ghost of Tsushima Sales in Japan Are Exceeding Expectations

ghost of tsushima

As (probably) the last major PS4 first party exclusive, Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima was expected to sell well, especially given the anticipation surrounding it, and it has certainly been living up to expectations, based on early reports. The game topped UK charts on its debut, but it seems it is surpassing all expectations in Japan in particular.

Sony recently took to Twitter via their official PlayStation Japan account and noted that the open world samurai game is exceeding Sony’s expectations in terms of sales, and that as such, it’s facing retail shortages in stores. Sony mentions in its tweet that production of more copies is underway to meet the demand, and that people can purchase the game digitally in the meantime should they wish to. Given the game’s setting and central premise, it’s not at all surprising that Japanese audiences are taking to it so readily- not to mention the fact that it is, after all, a really good game.

Ghost of Tsushima is available now on PS4. You can read our review through here.

『Ghost of Tsushima』は、おかげさまで予想を上回るご好評をいただき、一部の店舗で品薄となっております。
現在、急ぎ追加生産を行っておりますが、PS Storeではダウンロード版も配信中です。併せてご検討ください。

購入はこちら⇒ゴーストオブツシマ #GhostofTsushima

— プレイステーション公式 (@PlayStation_jp) July 22, 2020

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