GhostWire: Tokyo Lets You Pet the Dog

Ghostwire Tokyo_pet the dog

QuakeCon at Home 2020 is currently ongoing so Tango Gameworks decided to provide a short update on GhostWire: Tokyo. As is the trend – or should be, depending on your outlook – it will be possible to pet the dog. Check out the trailer below with Shinji Mikami providing the news.

To be fair, among all the games you can pet the dog, GhostWire: Tokyo’s looks very good. There will likely be others and given that 99 percent of the city’s population has suddenly up and vanished, these good boys and girls will require your attention. Of course, you can fight off a number of evil spirits along the way.

GhostWire: Tokyo is out in 2021 for PS5 and PC. For consoles, it will launch on PlayStation 5 first and use DualSense’s haptic feedback along with 3D spatial audio to immerse the player. It’s set to be quite the epic experience with Mikami noting it to be the “longest” he’s ever worked on a game. Stay tuned for more gameplay details and footage in the coming months.

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