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The recent release of Gotham Knight‘s official and gameplay trailers have sent the gaming world ablaze. This follow up to the critically acclaimed Arkham series released at DC FanDome has got gamer’s more excited to get to 2021 than the current year’s events have.

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the surprise trailer that we received showed off a lot to know about the game, including the four main protagonists, their designs, their abilities, a few of the villains that we are going to have to put to justice and so much more. In fact, there was so much packed into this trailer there’s no one that someone could have gotten all the information from one watch, so we put together some of the things you probably missed to help you out!

10 The Tech Batman Leaves Behind


So what’s obvious from the beginning of the trailer is that something has killed batman. This has caused CODE: BLACK to take effect, basically meaning that the Batcave self-destructed and a message was sent out to the bat family, or in this case the “Gotham Knights.” Batman mentions that he is leaving behind The Belfry tower as a base of operations for the team and that it has tech in there that they can use, but some of it might be outdated. We can see an array of gadgets from our short look into the tower, some of which we have to assume will be available to us.

9 Character Speciality


It wouldn’t make a lot of sense to make a game with four different protagonists that all played the same, that’s why we can expect to see that each character has a different playstyle and we can see some of that in the trailer. We see that Batgirl plays somewhat similarly to how Batman in the Arkham series plays. We see that Robin is able to use his high tech equipment to teleport around. Red Hood seems to be something of a gunslinging brawler and Nightwing brings his acrobatics to the table against his enemies.

8 Crafting System… Maybe


If you watched the gameplay trailer for Gotham Knights that featured a look at both Batgirl and Robin’s gameplay that was released a little after the official trailer you would notice a few somethings if you didn’t blink.

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There is a section where Robin was using stealth to take down enemies before he was noticed. After one of his stealth takedowns, we can see an indicator pop up from the target body and Robin collects it. This might hint towards some kind of crafting system that might be present in the game.

7 Customizable Outfits


Something that builds off of the idea that there might be some kind of crafting system in Gotham Knights is that the character’s costumes change between different sections of the trailer focusing on them. This is most noticeable with Batgirl, as if you look at her in this trailer you will see that between shots she is wearing very different outfits. If you include the gameplay trailer it goes even deeper. This hints towards the idea that different outfits can be made from the collectibles you find on defeated enemies.

6 Gotham Has Turned Against Heroes


This is something that is never fully stated but it is heavily implied in the trailer. It turns out that Batman isn’t the only beloved character from the Batman lore that’s dead in this continuity.

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In his final message to the Gotham Knights, Batman states that the GCPD can’t be trusted and that they haven’t been trustworthy ever since the death of commissioner Jim Gordon, the father of Batgirl. The way that this is stated it makes it seem like Gordon must have died a while ago and that the GCPD and the city of Gotham have been turning away from caped crusaders ever since.

5 Jason’s Scar


Jason Todd, AKA Red Hood, is the first character that we actually see in the trailer, albeit, in the beginning, we don’t actually know that it is him. When we later get to see his face we see some defining characteristics of the character, including his build that is seemingly comparable to Batman himself, the white highlights in his hair and most notably a long scar that connects to his lip. This is something that the character usually doesn’t have and might hint to some involvement with the Joker, the character that originally killed Jason Todd.

4 Bat Bikes?


We get to see a glimpse of these bat themed motorcycles in the trailer but we get to see one a little more in the gameplay trailer. The second favorite option for transportation for the Bat-family, next top the Bat-mobile of course, might hint to a new transportation mechanic for the characters, as while we only see Batgirl and Red Hood use them, it is likely that Nightwing and Robin have them as well. This might be a new way to traverse throughout Gotham city as a replacement for the Batmobile.

3 Nightwing And Batgirl Centric Story?


Out of all of the playable characters in the game, Batgirl and Nightwing, or at least Dick Grayson AKA the original Robin, are probably the most popular, so if the game was going to have its main storyline focus on certain characters within the group, having the focus be on one of or both of them makes sense. We’ll get into a few more reasons why in the next entry but certain shots within the first trailer seem to focus heavily on either Batgirl alone or Batgirl with Dick Grayson, especially one significant shot near the end.

2 Possible Story Hints With The Owls


It was revealed at the end of the trailer, to the happy surprise of many a comic book fan, that the Court of Owls will be making their video game debut in Gotham Knights. The Court of Owls is a fairly new addition to Batman’s rogue’s gallery and really changed the lore of Gotham. In relation to our last entry, they have a strong connection to Dick Grayson or at least his family lineage, with many members of his family being recruited to join the Court of Owls as immortal assassins known as Talon’s

1 Different Continuity


Something that you might have thought was that Gotham Knights is set within the same continuity as the Arkham series. While there would be some continuity errors that might have made sense, as the game could follow off of the supposed death of Batman at the end of Batman: Arkham Knight. This is not the case as it has been confirmed by multiple developers on social media that this game will take place in its own continuity separate from any previous games and based on the comics.

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