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Today, ArenaNet celebrated the eight-year anniversary of Guild Wars 2. In a live stream, the developer also announced that its MMORPG will be available to PC users via Steam.

Frequently celebrated for its accessibility to casual players and hardcore gamers alike, Guild Wars 2 features fully-voiced storylines, which are referred to as the Living World. In addition, there will soon be a third Guild Wars 2 expansion pack.

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The Living World is divided into episodes much like a television series, and the player must unlock an episode before playing through it. If a player logs in during an episode’s release window, they unlock it for free, but previous episodes cost gems to gain access. Season 1 is no longer available to play, but Season 2 onward (following the destruction of Lion’s Arch), is unlockable.

The studio’s lead writer’s official title is “Loremaster,” and the game even ended up having so much aesthetic content that ArenaNet compiled the graphics for Guild Wars into a 208-page full-color art book for its 20th anniversary earlier this year.

It has been a tumultuous time for ArenaNet. During a time when Guild Wars 2 voice actors cannot do their jobs due to pandemic conditions, the developers are obviously doing what they can to bring the world of Tyria to life for more people. The game is currently in the top 10 most popular MMORPGs according to, and with this announcement, it’s expecting a lot of growth.

It is already possible to download Guild Wars 2 for Windows and iOS directly from the website, and all players will continue to share the same maps and servers. The host of Guild Chat, Rubi Bayer, did caution new players that although the game will be accessible through both the Guild Wars launcher and Steam, accounts registered through one will not be available to the other.

Guild Wars 2 is currently available for PC and iOS.

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