Halo Infinite Campaign Gameplay Debuts in 4K/60 fps

halo infinite

343 Industries debuted a new trailer for Halo Infinite along with roughly nine minutes of campaign gameplay. The latter sees Master Chief and his new comrade in arms dealing with some anti-air cannons on the new Halo ring. Enemies like Grunts make a return and there’s new dynamic life roaming around. Check it out below.

There’s even some Warthog gameplay which showcases the large scale of the world. It’s not long before the classic Halo music kicks in and Master Chief is battling the Banished. In terms of combat and vibe, it’s certainly a Halo title even with the new abilities and weapons.

Halo Infinite is out this holiday season. It will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Windows 10 via the Microsoft Store and Steam. You can also play it on Xbox Game Pass from day one. Those who pick it up on Xbox One can avail of a free upgrade on Xbox Series X thanks to Smart Delivery.

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