Halo Infinite Development Getting Support From Developer Sperasoft

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Last month, we finally got a look at Halo Infinite, the next entry in the legendary shooter series. The look in question was a lengthy slice of the game’s single player campaign. It is looking to be an ambitious game, setting up the next 10 years of the franchise. But ultimately, the reaction to it was maybe more mixed than some people expected. Well, whether or not these two things are related, it seems 343 Industries is getting some help.

As announced on their official website, developer Sperasoft has announced they will be helping with development of the game alongside 343. Sperasoft is a large company that employees roughly 600 developers, and largely functions as a support studio, which means that 343 Industries will still lead development, while Sperasoft aids them, most likely to polish things up and assure the game makes the holiday 2020 date. While it’s not unusual for major productions to have multiple outsourcing and support studios, it is somewhat out of the ordinary for one to publicly announce it in this way, meaning Sperasoft could have a bigger role than a support studio typically does.

Halo Infinite will release this holiday season for Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC. It’s also been confirmed that the multiplayer will be free to play.

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