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The development team over behind Halo Infinite over at 343 Industries has had a lot to confirm over the past few weeks. Many of these mix ups were a result of the recent Halo Infinite delay in early August.

Following the delay, 343 Industries has a lot to deliver with Halo Infinite as fans expectations are sure to rise as the release date gets farther away. Now, it’s being reported that Joseph Staten, known for his work as the director of cinematics and writer for mission scripts for Bungie’s Halo games, is being put in a leadership position for Infinite at 343.

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Joseph Staten was a major member of Bungie’s development team from 1998 to 2013, where he worked on the first three Halo titles as well as Destiny. Staten left Bungie in September of 2013 and later rejoined Microsoft Studios as a senior creative director in January 2014. Even more recently, it seems former Bungie staff members are heading to Microsoft-owned studios as the company gears up for more big first party games. However, it seems 343 Industries is at the forefront of Microsoft’s focus now that Halo Infinite has been delayed.

The news comes by way of Bloomberg’s Dina Bass and Jason Schreier who spoke with “four people who were familiar with the plans” to move Staten over to a leadership role in 343 Industries. Prior to the move, Staten was reportedly in a leadership role on a different Microsoft-published game. These leadership changes in the Halo Infinite development team will hopefully get the game on the right track.


Additionally, another senior leader will move to the Halo Infinite team and Microsoft apparently has plans to announce these changes officially on Thursday. Whether or not this information will be a part of Gamescom’s opening night show or will be announced afterwards remains to be seen. It is known, however, that Halo Infinite will make some sort of appearance at Gamescom.

As mentioned above, it seems 343 Industries has had a lot to deal with following Halo Infinite’s delay, such as reconfirming that Halo Infinite will be on Xbox One amid a swell of rumors claiming the game would be next-gen only. While the team has undoubtedly been hard at work on Halo Infinite for quite some time, the recent gameplay reveal left many fans feeling underwhelmed. Microsoft is clearly taking that reaction to heart with the shift in leadership with Staten and the other personnel who will be pulled to the game’s development. Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come for Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite is in development for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Source: Bloomberg

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