How to get the Rattan Sofa in Final Fantasy XIV

A cozy wicker couch made primarily out of Palm Lumber, the Rattan Sofa is one of the many crafting recipes added to Final Fantasy XIV in Patch 6.3, and is an interior furnishing. It is sure to add a lively, refreshing vibe to any interior. Here is how you can craft a Rattan Sofa of your own in Final Fantasy XIV.

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How to craft the Rattan Sofa in Final Fantasy XIV

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Players will need to be a level 90 Carpenter in order to access this recipe, and have the following crafting materials in their possession:

  • Palm Lumber x6
  • AR-Caean Velvet x3
  • Almasty Fur x3
  • Wind Crystal x8
  • Ice Crystal x8

Palm Lumber is a level 82 Carpenter recipe, requiring 5 Palm Logs and 8 Wind Crystals to craft a single slab of it. To craft enough for this recipe, players will need 30 Palm Logs and 48 Wind Crystals. These Palm Logs can easily be found in the level 85 gathering nodes around The Great Work in Thavnair.

AR-Caean Velvet is a level 88 Weaver recipe, requiring 5 AR-Caean Cotton Bolls and 8 Lightning Crystals per bolt. Players will require 15 AR-Caean Cotton Bolls and 24 Lightning Crystals to craft enough AR-Caean Velvet for this recipe. These cotton bolls can be found at the level 90 Lush Vegetation Patches in Ultima Thule, Reah Tahra (X: 14, Y: 28).

Almasty Fur drops from Almasty mobs, native to the Garlemald region. Players will have to devote some time to farm these, or farm FATEs instead so that they can trade in Bicolor Gemstones for the fur. Players can trade in their Bicolor Gemstones with NPCs at Old Sharlayan (X: 12.8, Y: 10.5), Radz-at-Han (X: 11.1, Y: 10.1), and Garlemald (X: 12.9 Y: 30.0).

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