Hyper Scape Guide – Best Weapons and How to Get a Crown Victory

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Unlike many battle royale titles, you don’t need to kill everyone to win in Hyper Scape. Instead, you can go for the Crown and secure a victory that way. The catch is that once the Crown is in your possession, you need to hold it for 45 seconds. The problem is that your location is revealed to everyone nearby.

Running is the obvious best option so find any skills like Teleportation that can aid this. Slam is also good since it transports you somewhere else for a set period of time. Use both abilities to continuously escape foes and you should emerge victorious. Just try not to stand your ground and fight everyone off.

Recommended Weapons

While favorite weapons boil down to one’s individual play-style and preference, the best weapons have a habit of emerging faster than usual in battle royale titles. Hyper Scape is no different, and has the added element of each gun “ranking up” by picking up duplicates and “fusing them.” Let’s break down some of the better weapons and their current usefulness. Things could change with subsequent patches to take note.

  • Hexfire – A pretty forgiving weapon for new players, the Hexfire’s magazine size starts at 150 and can go all the way up to 270 at level 5. Its damage leaves a bit to be desired, especially when not hitting head shots, but the high rate of fire and sheer amount of ammo makes up for it. Spray and somewhat pray as they say.
  • D-Tap – If you’re not too proficient at aiming, the D-Tap is a worthy sidearm to have. Its bullets will auto-track enemies within vision range when aiming down sights. The downside is that you can’t hit head shots and damage remains at 5 per shot from rank 1 to 4. At the very least, it has a maximum magazine size of 23 and makes for a decent finishing weapon.
  • Mammoth – Your standard pump-action shotgun – get up close and shred enemies. Head shot damage is 105 from rank 1 to 4 and hits 120 at level 5 while body shot damage is 75 at rank 1 to 4 and 105 at rank 5. The magazine size is also pretty good, starting at 5 and going up to 9 at rank 5. Whenever you’re clearing rooms, the Mammoth is the weapon to have.
  • Skybreaker – A weird weapon by multiplayer shooter standard, the Skybreaker essentially fires a single lightning orb that deals area-of-effect damage to those who get too close. It’s not the best weapon to rock solo and even when dealing with groups, you’re better off using it to provide support for teammates with more consistent damage. It’s a little too situational, especially in a very movement-heavy game like this where opponents won’t typically clump up, but deals some good damage at higher ranks.
  • Komodo – Designated as a “plasma blast launcher”, the Komodo is slow-firing and deals area of effect damage. Though it can’t head shot, the damage is pretty good at 29 per shot at rank 1 to 4 and 34 at rank 5. Its range was dialed down over time but as a mid-range weapon, it’s pretty decent. Consider using it in close-quarters as well if the other person doesn’t have a Mammoth – there’s no escape from the AoE damage in that scenario.
  • Ripper – Your bog-standard assault rifle, the Ripper outputs 11 body/16 head shot damage per shot from rank 1 to 4 and 13 body/18 head shot damage per shot at level 5. The magazine size starts at 24 and caps out at 36. Overall, it’s a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none style weapon that should get you through most situations.
  • Protocol-V – The sniper’s choice, the Protocol-V deals 50 body shot damage and 75 head shot damage at rank 1, going up to 80 body shot damage and 120 head shot damage at rank 5. The downsides are its magazine size, which only provides three shots at all ranks, and the relative speed of the game. When you’re dealing with fast-moving players using hacks and dipping in and out, it can be tough to land those shots. Nevertheless, for those who prefer long-distance engagements, the Protocol-V is worth checking out.
  • Salvo-EPL – A grenade launcher with a decent magazine size that makes up for its relatively decent damage, the Salvo-EPL can be handy for projectile DPS players if the get the timing down. With 25 damage at rank 1 to 4 and 31 damage at rank 5, this is a perfectly serviceable, if unexceptional, choice.
  • Harpy – Though it falls off at longer ranges, the Harpy is absolutely worthwhile for mid to close-range fights. It hits for 7 body shot damage and 10 head shot damage at rank 1 which goes up to 8 body shot damage and 12 head shot damage at rank 4. This is made up for by the high rate of fire and quick reload speed, allowing you to shred enemies quickly. If that weren’t enough, there’s no additional spread penalty when sprinting or jumping, allowing one to stay on the move while raining down fire.

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