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Kingdom Hearts recently took part in a Nintendo Direct: Mini, where it premiered the Melody of Memory Nintendo Switch trailer, which, as the name suggests, highlighted the exclusives that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will have. It also revealed Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory‘s release date.

After the trailer aired, Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura took to social media and told fans that the final Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory trailer would be premiering in a few days. Well, said trailer has a arrived a lot sooner than he claimed, as it premiered over on the English Kingdom Hearts YouTube channel just a little awhile ago.

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Sadly, however, the last Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory trailer goes over many details that we already know about the game and covers very little new ground. It spends most of its three minutes going over things revealed by other trailers: it will be a rhythm game, have multiplayer, and online features. It also reminds us that Melody of Memory will release on November 13 for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

What little of Kairi’s storyline that the trailer does cover happens near the very end. It shows Riku checking on her progress right after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind, and then immediately cuts to an image of Kairi’s childhood-self resting in a pod in Hollow Bastion. This is the same pod Xehanort placed her in to send her off-world in an experiment that would test if she had a heart of pure light or not. Aqua’s magic will inevitably force the pod to take Kairi to Destiny Islands to meet Sora and Riku.

It’s probably safe to say that Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory‘s Kairi storyline is the most anticipated part of the game. However, even after the game’s final trailer, fans still wonder how Kairi’s story will tie into the title overall. Will it be a bunch of cutscenes interspersed throughout the rhythm-style gameplay, or will it be more akin to Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind, where it will be a playable episode that won’t unlock until players beat the game entirely?

There’s still three months left until Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory releases, so there’s certainly enough time for this information to come to light. This trailer may be the last, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its the last bit of promotion the game will receive. Interviews are still possible, and Nomura tends to release little statements about upcoming Kingdom Heart’s content every so often.

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory launches November 13 for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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