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Gamescom Opening Night is showing of plenty of trailers and exciting gameplay from games that players are eagerly awaiting. Mafia: Definitive Edition is one of these games, and while it is a full remake of an already existing game, the updated visuals seem to breathe new life into the story, as shown by the new Gamescom trailer.

Many players have been waiting to play this updated remake since the game was first announced. With the recent Mafia: Definitive Edition trailer debuting today at Gamescom, many fans are getting a more visually updated glimpse of the main character and his first steps into the mafia.

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The trailer starts off in Salieri’s Bar, where several people are seated around a table discussing the most important thing to the head of the Family — loyalty. Tommy Angelo, the main character of the game, observes that all the men at the table are loyal to Don Salieri before the trailer flashes back to Tommy’s humble origins as a cab driver after immigrating to the US.

Scenes show Tommy as he rises through the ranks of the family, doing the Don’s dirty work and living the high life. However, the Don also warns him that if Tommy were to abuse the power that was given to him, it would not go well for him. The trailer ends with Tommy assuring the Don that he has nothing to worry about, as the meeting at the bar adjourns and the Don officially welcomes Tommy to the Family.

The new trailer shows off a clear improvement from the original game. The characters’ features are clearly defined and are much more real to life than the original game portrayed them to be. This is shown in small but appreciated details, like the subtle change in Tommy’s facial expression when Frank Colletti chides his flippant attitude toward the Consigliere’s advice. While the original Mafia game came out in 2002 and the graphics make sense for its time, many fans can appreciate seeing the classic characters in a cleaner depiction and revisit memorable locations in a higher definition.

While the general public still has about a month to wait until the game is released, it seems that fans of the game can get a sneak peek of the action on YouTube, where some players who received early access to the game are posting videos of their adventures. For those who would rather wait to experience the games for themselves, fortunately, it will not be much longer.

Mafia: Definitive Edition launches September 25 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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