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The last Mafia update revealed stunning new Mafia: Definitive Edition gameplay. It’s been a little over a month since then, but Hangar 13 has taken to social media to announce that it will reveal a new Mafia: Definitive Edition trailer during Gamescom’s 2020 Open Night Live, which will take place on August 26.

Gamescom Open Night Live is an event hosted by reporter Geoff Keighley. This year will mark the event’s second occurrence. It will feature showcases from 38 different games and will be two hours long — not counting the 30-minute pre-show. Interested viewers will be able to catch the show over on TheGameAwards’ YouTube channel, and Gamescom’s Twitch page.

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Hangar 13 made the announcement that Mafia will take part in the event over on the official Mafia: Trilogy Twitter account. According to it, where the last trailer focused on showing off the title’s gameplay, this one will focus more on its narrative and provide a better look at the game’s remade cutscenes. The trailer will debut live at 8 pm CEST / 2 pm ET / 11 am PT.

Mafia: Definitive Edition will be a full-blown remake. Hangar 13 has built it from the ground up with the promise to stay as true to the original 2002 PC game as possible. It will make changes where needed, though. For instance, it made the roads of Heaven city wider and straighter for better drives and will allow players to adjust the game’s difficulty. However, the game will be the same overall.

The first narrative Mafia: Definitive Edition trailer was fairly short, clocking in at only a minute. The trailer managed to show off how good Hangar 13 managed to make the new character models within that time, but it moves too fast for anyone to fully appreciate all the new improvements Hangar 13 has made to the game. For instance, there’s only one conversation in the trailer, and it’s interspersed with other scenes, so viewers can’t get the full effect of the facial motion capture that Hangar has implemented.

If the Open Night Live Mafia trailer wants to focus on better showing off the new technology its implemented, it will likely go ahead and just show a full cutscene this time around, instead of intercutting several. If not that, it could use the same formula as the original, only make the video around three times as long, with a greater emphasis on conversation rather than action. It premieres in only a few days, so there’s not much longer of a wait to see which route it takes.

Mafia: Definitive Edition launches September 25 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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