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Not Quite the Full Package

The Marvel's Avengers Intel i9 Collector's Edition Packaging is certainly a cool product for comic fans, but it's missing one important thing that some gamers might assume they'd get with their purchase: a copy of the new Marvel's Avengers game.

Here's a recap if you've missed out: late last week, Intel announced the Marvel's Avengers Intel i9 Collector's Edition Packaging, created as a collaboration between then, Marvel, and the painter/muralist Tristan Eaton.

Intel's boxes usually look pretty cool, but this is some next-level packaging. With the upcoming release of Marvel's Avengers for PC and consoles, getting a neat box like this to stick on your shelf would be great. Unfortunately, it looks like you'll still have to buy the game even if you snag one of these processors.

As Tom's Hardware reports, the initial reveal in the tweet above had some kind of text on the lower left of the screen. No one could tell what it said until the Vietnamese store KCC Shop posted a higher-quality picture (seen in our header image) with three disappointing words: Game Not Included.

Marvel's Avengers Intel i9 Collector's Edition Packaging slice
Header Image Credit: KCC Shop

What Do You Actually Get with the Marvel's Avengers Intel i9 Collector's Edition Packaging?

Vietnamese store KCC Shop already has this special edition i9 listed. While you don't get the game with it, it still looks like a pretty neat processer. Here's what's included:

  • Marvel's Avengers Collector's Edition packaging
  • 10 cores & 20 threads
  • 3.6 GHz Clock Speed (Basic) / 5.2 GHz Clock Speed (Boost)
  • LGA1200 Socket
  • Integrated iGPU

As if things weren't bad enough, there isn't an included heat sink with this package, either. Bummer.

Whether or not you're out for a new processor, the Avengers are still getting ready to return to battle! You'll be able to play the new Marvel's Avengers game when it launches for PC and consoles on September 4, 2020; you can pre-purchase it on the game's official website.

Do you think the Marvel's Avengers Intel i9 Collector's Edition Packaging should have included the game? Does the lack of a game affect your purchasing decision with promotional packaging like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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Marvel's Avengers Intel i9 Collector's Edition Packaging Doesn't Include the Game

Not Quite the Full Package

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