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It’s not unusual for Microsoft to roll out some special edition consoles for upcoming games. For example, to hype gamers up over Cyberpunk 2077, Microsoft released a fairly limited edition console themed after the futuristic game which sold out rather quickly. Making special edition consoles for games makes a lot of sense, however, Microsoft has been known to produce wild versions of its Xbox consoles for charities and contests. The latest set of unique consoles are celebrating the upcoming DC Comics movie, Wonder Woman 1984.

Microsoft has been known to go all out with special designs of its consoles for big moments in pop culture and entertainment. The Wonder Woman consoles are just the latest entry in the special edition Xbox One line up. Last year, during the final season of Game of Thrones, Microsoft showed off two special edition consoles for fans to win on social media. One console was dedicated to House Targaryen, which was a burnt red and featured dragon scales, and the other was designed after the Night King, which was a cold blue color.

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Earlier today, Xbox showed off three consoles to celebrate Wonder Woman 1984 and each of the three consoles are unique to different character’s looks throughout the film. Each console comes with a specially designed controller to match to complete the set. Of the three consoles, all Xbox One Xs, two are themed after Wonder Woman’s costumes from the film which include the Lasso of Truth Xbox One X that features her golden lasso wrapped around a Wonder Woman logo. There’s also the Golden Armor Xbox One X, which is based on Wonder Woman’s new golden suit seen in the trailers. This console also includes 24-carat gold leaves decorating the hardware. Lastly, there’s the Cheetah-themed Xbox One X that is covered in torn cheetah print and has a matching cheetah print controller.


As cool as the consoles are, collectors might have a hard time getting their hands on these. The Golden Armor Xbox One X is being auctioned off and the proceeds from the auction are being donated to the Together For Her charity. The Lasso of Truth console is being given away on the official Xbox Twitter account and fans can enter the contest by retweeting the contest tweet between August 25 and September 17 for a chance to win. Microsoft hasn’t made it clear what it plans to do with the Cheetah Xbox One X console or if it’ll be available for fans to win somehow.

Wonder Woman 1984 kicked off the all-day DC Comics event, DC Fandome, over the weekend where the cast and crew of the film answered questions from fans and concluded the panel with a new trailer. The new action-packed trailer gave fans a great look at one of the movie’s protagonists, Cheetah, who is played by Kirsten Wiig and continued to show off how Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) is adjusting to life in the 1980s. Wonder Woman 1984 was scheduled to release, after a few initial changes to premiere dates, in June of this year, however, the coronavirus pandemic caused plenty of movies to shift release schedules and now the film is slated to hit theaters on October 2, 2020.

In other DC Fandome news, DC Comics revealed two new titles set in its comic book world. The first being Gotham Knights, which has players control different members of the Bat-family while they explore Gotham and go up against the Court of Owls. The second game revealed during DC Fandome was Rocksteady’s long-rumored title, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Rocksteady had only a cinematic trailer to show during the event, but it was quite the trailer and has fans set up for a few big fights throughout the game.

Wonder Woman is set to premiere on October 2, 2020.

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