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A strange bug has surfaced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that is granting wins without even opening up the round. This is only one of many bugs that have spread throughout the game in recent updates. Modern Warfare has been battling bugs and glitches since its launch, adding this one on top of its recent to do list.

It seems that the glitch is only applying to Modern Warfare Search and Destroy games. Although the most recent appearance shows a severe case, the lesser version only lasts one round. Fans are not sure how this will affect player’s win/loss ratios as it is still a newly occurring problem.

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The video demonstrating the issue comes from Reddit user Griffsta56, and it shows a round ending immediately, granting a round win to Coalition. The reason for the win clearly states allegiance Eliminated despite the fact that the enemy team is still completely alive. The game loads up the next round, and before fans can even move, it awards another win for the exact same reason. Thankfully, players in the lobby took the glitch in good spirits as the cycle continued into the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds of the game. This is one of the first times in Search and Destroy history that a round was won without either team firing a shot or even seeing each other.

This is a strange glitch that only typically only appears every few rounds. Some players in the comments believe that this problem occurs when the enemy team has not selected a loadout. The thought is that by not selecting a loadout, the game automatically classifies the players as dead, causing the round to cycle. The one fact that is known for sure is that this problem is exclusive to the Modern Warfare Search and Destroy game mode.

The issue in this case is that the players played about halfway through the first round before the glitch occurred. It could not be triggered by a loadout error if the players had already selected and been running their appropriate gear. The way it cycled through each match was bizarre to both teams, making players automatically assume that it was a glitch.

Some fans report in game glitches like this being caused by hackers in other game modes. Although there is no evidence to support that this was caused by a hack, the possibility still remains. This glitch has a habit to appear on both console and PC versions of the game making it more likely to be a game bug rather then an intentional exploit.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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