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Capcom has finally confirmed what many had hoped for in its fifth and last title update for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. The most powerful Elder Dragon, Fatalis, is coming on October 1st. The trailer below highlights the importance of this battle, making sure to point out that the Hunters aren’t just up against a monster but “history” itself.

This seems to be the normal Fatalis, though it wouldn’t surprise us if Capcom sneaks in a White Fatalis (which is canonically the strongest Elder Dragon) as the ultimate endgame challenge. Its default attacks from previous games, like unleashing breaths of fire, are intact though one should expect some new tricks. There will also seemingly be a new environment to battle in.

More importantly, Fatalis will mark the end of nearly three years of post-launch support for Monster Hunter World. It all started with the addition of Deviljho and with the launch of Iceborne, classic monsters like Rajang and Alatreon along with new threats like Safi’jiiva have been added to the game. Stay tuned for more details on the fifth title update in the coming weeks.

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