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As noted many times in its marketing, Mortal Shell sets itself apart from Dark Souls with its Shell mechanic. Far from being just sub-classes, these are characters that the player is inhabiting, wielding their abilities in combat. After you choose a starting Shell, the others are left to discover in the game. But where do you find them?

Let’s go over all of the Shell locations here. First up is Harros, the Vassal, which has five out of 10 points in all three of its core stats – Durability, Stamina and Resolve. It’s fairly balanced as a result. Harros is located outside Fallgrim cave in the beginning. Simply head left from the diverging paths and keep going until you find it.

Next up is Solomon, the Scholar who boasts seven points in Durability, ten points in Resolve and five points Stamina. Despite lower Stamina, Solomon can dish out some pretty damaging attacks with Resolve. You’ll find it behind Fallgrim Tower in a cave with a Grisha as a boss. Follow the ramp in the cave to a tunnel, shift the wood and there’s Solomon.

Tiel, the Acolyte, is the next shell. Despite only having three points in Durability and two points in Resolve, it boasts ten points in Stamina. Tiel is located on Fallgrim’s outskirts in the cave outside the Abandoned Chamber where the boss Ven Noctivagu is fought. To the right of the campsite in the cave is a tunnel – remove the branches, defeat Ven and claim Tiel.

Finally, there’s Eredrim, the Venerable who makes up for three points each in Stamina and Resolve with ten points in Durability. It can be found in the Fallgrim Outskirts outside of the Sea of Infinity in Eternal Narthex.

All Weapons and Their Locations

There isn’t a ton of choice when it comes to weapons but you’ll still have to fight to collect them all. The first weapon, the Hallowed Sword, is available from the start after the initial tutorials.

The Smoldering Mace can be found at the Shrine of Ash. Simply interact with the pedestal to battle Hadern. He’s wielding the mace, which means his attacks are slow. Dodge these and attack, making sure to harden when he strikes back. Defeat Hadern and you’ll be taken back to the Shrine of Ash. Interact with the statue and the Smouldering Mace is yours.

The Martyr’s Blade is located at, surprise, the Crypt of Martyrs. Once again, interact with the pedestal to fight Hadern who’s using the blade. His attacks are slow once again so avoid them, harden to defend against his counter-attacks and punish accordingly. Defeat him again to return to the Crypt of Martyrs and interact with the statue to claim the Martyr’s Blade.

The Hammer and Chisel is the last weapon and found at the Seat of Infinity. Interact with the pedestal to fight Hadern one last time. In contrast to previous fights, the Hammer and Chisel is quite fast. Bait Harden into using a leaping attack and parry it for some strong damage. He’ll go down quickly, returning you to the Seat of Infinity and the waiting Hammer and Chisel as a new weapon.

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