New World Devs Are Merging Legacy Servers

New World Is Bunching Some Legacy Servers Together

New World devs opened up a bunch of fresh start servers earlier this month. This decision is part of the MMO’s celebration of its reworked beginning. Although Amazon had good intentions with this move, it caused a bit of a population crisis.

As soon as Amazon opened up the new servers, many New World fans flocked to them for their more fertile lands. With that said, the player population visiting legacy servers started to dwindle and are no longer as bustling as they were before. This is why devs decided to mash a bunch of them together.

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The server merge will begin on December 2nd at 7am GMT / 2am EST. It will be putting together 13 servers over the course of a 2.5 hour downtime period. Fae is merging into Niflheim. Aukumea is merging into El Dorado. Tupa is merging into Asgard. Eridu is merging into Delos. Frislandia and Themiscyra are merging into Heliopolis. Lastly, Eden is merging into Olympus.

These New World legacy servers were decided on based on a “combination of average concurrency, active characters, faction population, and more.” This suggests that if certain servers were not picked, it was most likely because they are currently popular.

The New World community’s response to these mergers have been primarily positive. However, there are still some who complained that it is not expansive enough and should also include fresh start servers as well. Others likened this merger to ones in the past—namely the one when a French-speaking combined with a predominantly English-speaking one. The result was relatively comedic before things started to calm down.

New World launched into the gaming market successfully. However, despite its initially massive player base, it made merges like this one necessary.

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