Nintendo Japanese Magazine Teases Switch Game Reveal “Everyone Will Enjoy” For Next Month

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The year is starting to wind down, but the games are still coming. Like many companies, Nintendo has been one that was hit hard due to the COVID outbreak, and their output has reflected that. Whether or not that will change is up in the air, but at the very least, next month a Nintendo Switch game will be revealed that apparently everyone will enjoy.

The Japanese-only magazine, Nintendo Dream, teased in their latest issue (October 2020) that they will have a reveal for a Switch title. It’s not clarified if the game in question is third party or first party, but since Nintendo generally reveal their own first party catalog it’s likely a third party title. They say it’ll be something everyone will enjoy, which seems to hint at something all ages oriented (thanks to NintendoEverything for translations).

The next issue of Nintendo Dream will come in September, so whatever is in store we’ll know then.

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