Nioh 2 – Update 1.11 Adds New Skills, Demon Parade Picture Scrolls

Nioh 2 - The Tengu's Disciple

Along with The Tengu’s Disciple DLC being available, a new update is live for Team Ninja’s Nioh 2. The former brings several new story missions, a new difficulty setting called “Dream of the Demon”, new Guardian Spirits and a new weapon called the Splitstaff. So what does update 1.11 offer free for all players?

To start with, it adds a new feature called the Demon Parade Picture Scroll. These will drop from enemies in New Game Plus aka Dream of the Strong difficulty. Upon acquiring the item, Picture Scroll Missions can be played – clearing them will let you equip Demon Parade Picture Scrolls to become stronger. How does this work? You’ll need to find out for yourself.

Along with Dream of the Strong enemies dropping these items, you can also acquire them from Bloody Graves and other players via multiplayer. If you want to tackle Picture Scroll Missions with allies, this can be done in Expedition Mode. In addition to this, new Ninja and Onmyo Magic skills have been added along with new hairstyles, body and facial markings in the character creator.

Check out the full update notes in the tweet below for more details. Nioh 2: The Tengu’s Disciple is included with the $19.99 Season Pass but can also be purchased for $9.99 separately.

Update 1.11 Patch Notes

Additional Content: “The Tengu’s Disciple”

*The additional content, “The Tengu’s Disciple,” will be available for purchase.

  • The new story, “The Tengu’s Disciple,” has been added. (Completion of the Nioh 2 main story is required to play “The Tengu’s Disciple.”)
    New weapon “Splitstaff” has been added. (Can be obtained from the very start.)
  • Hardest Difficulty is now available.
  • Difficulty setting “Dream of the Demon.”
  • “Dream of the Demon” can be unlocked by completing “Dream of the Strong.”
  • In “Dream of the Demon” there are more powerful items / soul cores / scrolls to be obtained, player max level increase, and the limit of the + values in soul matching have also increased.
  • New Yokai and Soul Cores have been added.
  • New Guardian Spirits have been added.
  • New Weapons and Armor have been added.
  • New Art of Combat skills have been added.
  • New Gestures and Transformations have been added.
    New Trophies, Titles, and Play Records have been added.
    New special effects and set bonuses for equipment can have been added to the new difficulty “Dream of Demon.”

Free Update

  • A new feature, “Demon Parade Picture Scroll,” has been added.
  • Demon Parade Picture Scrolls can be dropped from enemies defeated in missions set to difficulties “Dream of the strong” and above.
  • You can play Picture Scroll Missions using Demon Parade Picture Scrolls.
  • Upon clearing the mission, Demon Parade Picture Scrolls can be equipped, making it possible to become stronger than before.
  • Demon Parade Picture Scrolls are not only dropped by enemies, but can also be acquired from other users through multiplayer mode and Bloody Graves.
  • Picture Scroll Missions can be played with others through Expedition mode.
  • New Ninja Skills and Onmyo Magic Skills have been added.
  • New character creation options for hairstyles, facial markings, and body markings have been added, along with a setting for the bathing action.

Yokai hunters, Update Ver. 1.11 has rolled out! "The Tengu's Disciple" DLC for #Nioh2 is now available for purchase. Read up on all the update information below and we hope you continue to enjoy Nioh 2! #PlayStation4 [Update notes 1/3]

— Team NINJA (@TeamNINJAStudio) July 30, 2020

#Nioh2 update notes [2/3]

— Team NINJA (@TeamNINJAStudio) July 30, 2020

#Nioh2 update [3/3]

— Team NINJA (@TeamNINJAStudio) July 30, 2020

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