No Man’s Sky Added Over A Million New Players Via Xbox Game Pass

No Man's Sky Beyond

There’s few stories out there like No Man’s Sky. The game was unveiled at a Sony press conference, and had some big promises. But at its launch, a lot of people thought it under delivered almost all of those and lead to some disappointment. But since then, the team at Hello Games has worked hard to update the game to be as close to that original pitch and then beyond, including the most recent Desolation update. And it seems many are enjoying it, including via Game Pass.

As revealed by the game’s Programmer Sean Murray in a Xbox blog post, the game has seen over a million new players thanks to its addition to Xbox Game Pass. The game joined the service in the middle of last month, not long before the Desolation update dropped. Seems it helped to be quite the boost to the game’s community.

No Man’s Sky is available through both Xbox One and PC via Game Pass, and there is, of course, also a PlayStation 4 version.

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