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Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser, the main developers behind the farming sim Ooblets, have released a roadmap for the game’s further development. Some of the biggest takeaways from the blog post include the first major update, a tentative 1.0 release date for the early access title, and that the two developers are having a baby.

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According to the roadmap for Ooblets, there’s already a major update looming over the horizon. The 0.4 update, known as the Nullwhere Update, will add the titular region to the game along with its associated Ooblets. While players could collect these Ooblets via dance battles, this update will also add the uncommon and gleamie color variants. In addition to the Nullwhere Update, there are three more major updates, including one that lets players visit the Wildlands to retrieve Ooblets they’ve rehomed there, before the game releases its 1.0 version sometime mid/late 2021.


All of this news is very interesting, but Rebecca and Ben have some even more exciting news. Ben announced that his wife Rebecca, the lead programmer and artist, is pregnant and expecting very soon. He and Rebecca are “super excited, hopeful, nervous, and all the other emotions people can have. The pandemic has thrown a bit of a wrench in our plans to have our families around to help us in person, so we’re going to be taking everything on ourselves, but I think we’re up to the task.” Rebecca and Ben have been planning around this pregnancy for a while now, and they’ll do their best to ensure that it won’t interrupt the development of Ooblets too much.

Here is the Ooblets roadmap:

July 2020

  • Launch! Our launch version was 0.3.42
  • We somehow managed to make 25 patches in the month following release!

September 2020

  • Our first major content update, the v0.4 Nullwhere Update!
  • Nullwhere will finally be a visitable region with associated ooblets, new crops, and new recipes.
  • The ooblets in Nullwhere will be ones you’ve already been able to get through winning Dance Barn tournaments, but now you’ll be able to find uncommon and gleamy versions, too! We’ll also hopefully have new custom movesets for them, as well.
  • We might put some new clothes in here as well, but might also push that to October as part of a Halloween event.

October 2020

  • Not sure what it will be yet, but we’ll hopefully have some sort of small Halloween event, like a scavenger hunt!

December 2020

  • The Wildlands Update, v0.5 with an accessible Wildlands where you can retrieve ooblets you’ve rehomed there previously.
  • It might also be cool to have some snowy weather features added!
  • We have a bunch of small lore items written out but not implemented that we’ll try to include in this update, too.

Early 2021

  • The Port Forward Update, v0.6 with Port Forward as a visitable region and new clothes, furniture, and decor

Early/mid 2021

  • Secret major update v0.7 with an unannounced new region and continuation of the meta story

Mid/late 2021

  • 1.0 Full launch! With a new unannounced visitable region and continuation/conclusion of the meta story

Ooblets is available now in Early Access for the Epic Games Store and Xbox One.

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Source: Ooblets Official Website

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