Paper Mario: The Origami King Guide – All Bosses and How to Beat Them

paper mario the origami king

Intelligent Systems’ Paper Mario: The Origami King may or may not be the Mario RPG that fans have been eagerly asking for. Nevertheless, it’s still a fun game with great humor and a stunning world to explore. There are also a number of interesting bosses to fight, from different Vellumentals to the dreaded Legion of Stationery en route to the Origami King.

Here are all the boss fights in the game. For tips on how to defeat them, check out the video guide below. Beware of spoilers though especially since the ending is also included.

  • Earth Vellumental
  • Colored Pencils, The Missile Maestro
  • Water Vellumental
  • Rubber Band, The Elastic Entertainer
  • Paper Macho Gooper Blooper
  • Mega Paper Macho Pokey
  • Fire Vellumental
  • Hole Punch, The Disco Devil
  • Ice Vellumental
  • Tape, The Shifty Sticker
  • Sumo Bro
  • Handaconda
  • Paper Mistake Buzzy Beetle
  • Scissors, The Dual-Bladed Duelist
  • Paper Squadron
  • Stapler, The Fanged Fastener
  • King Olly

For more details on Paper Mario: The Origami King, check out our review here.

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