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Crafting in Path of Exile can be quite daunting at the best of times. However, finding a six-link item can be even harder, but there are ways of you doing it. PoE orbs, the primary form of PoE Currency, are going to be the order of the day here in some form or other, as well as a whole lot of luck in certain cases. If six-link items are what you are looking for, then here are a few methods that will work best for you to get them.

The Primeval Chamber

One method of 6-link crafting is through delving and coming to a zone known as the Primeval Chamber. Here you will find a recipe for six-link crafting, and this is probably one of your best methods of doing so. Even though it is reliable, it can come at quite a cost in lieu of it being arguably the best way for you to get the best recipe for your armour.

The cost sits at 150 Orb of Fusing if you wish to choose this method. If you are playing alone, then this way could take you an especially long time to perform. Orbs of Fusing can be hard to get a hold of from other players through PoE trade too since they are using for this method and it’s a popular way for you to get a six-link recipe. If you do want to get more Orb of Fusing however, you can trade Jeweller’s Orb for them to get more, which may be the quickest way for you to get them.

Self Crafting

Alternatively, there are ways of you crafting the six-link by yourself. To do so, take the item that you want and make sure that it’s of high quality. If it’s a PoE Unique, then you will find its at 20%, which only changes if you use a betrayal crafting bench to increase it. If it is rare, then you increase the quality if necessary. The higher the quality of item the higher the rate of the high sockets and links will roll. The good thing about this is that it will decrease the amount it costs to create the six-link.

You will also need Jeweller’s PoE Orbs as mentioned in the previous method, so you can then move onto fusing. Once you are ready, take as many Orb of Fusing as possible to give yourself a better chance. Ultimately, a lot of this method relies on luck, so its best that you take a lot of these orbs to increase your chances.

Corrupted Armour

Speaking of chance, there is also a way that you can get a six-link with Corrupted Armour. If you have a piece of armour that has been corrupted, then there is, in fact, a way in which it can become a six-link armour. This might have a low drop rate on the surface, but when you compare it to actually having the chance of there being a drop of a six-link item, then it can be considered quite high. So, having a corrupted item here can certainly come in handy if this is the method you want to go with.

If increased item quantity is rolled, then flat additional items are dropped on the armoured strongbox, after which you use a Vaal Orb, then you will be able to corrupt all of the items that are in that box. After that, you can then reroll the item to have links, sockets and six affixes. By doing so, you have a 1/44 chance of getting a six-link.

Buying Six-Links

If you want to bypass all of those methods, then you could simply opt for purchasing them outright. You can do so on the official PoE website, or via PoE trade websites that you can find online. The prices tend to fluctuate depending on the progress of the current league, but it will eliminate the need for luck and grind to get the coveted six-link item.

Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know in the comments section below!

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