Pikmin 3 Will Require Nintendo Switch Online For Certain Modes


Pikmin 3: Deluxe Edition packaging has just gone up in Japan, revealing some new details about Nintendo's upcoming title. This includes Nintendo Switch Online connectivity and a Piklopedia.

As seen on Twitter, Pikmin 3: Deluxe Edition will have 35 missions, the addition of a back story, newly added hints, badges (which is an achievement-esque system), difficulty options, and the Piklopedia. Most of these were discussed when the game was originally announced, but new things include the side story, hints, badges, difficulty options, and the Piklopedia. Apparently, Nintendo Switch Online is also required for certain modes, which is definitely interesting.

Regardless, I'm sure there will be a full announcement to come as the October 30, 2020 release date comes ever closer. For more news and information on Pikmin 3, stay tuned to TechRaptor for more details.

Pikmin 3: Deluxe Edition will release on the Nintendo Switch on October 30, 2020 for $59.99.

Quick Take

It's strange to consider what's sacred and what's not when it comes to older games being remade for newer generations. Pikmin 3 isn't exactly an old title, but I think this question still applies: what is sacred? Of course the game itself (usually) won't be fully remade or really tinkered with, but that doesn't stop developers from poking at games and seeing what makes them tick. New modes are sometimes added, new story beats, new things to justify the price cost to consumers.

To answer the question, I would say that the only thing that is sacred is the fundamental game itself, and that everything else can (and perhaps should) be tinkered with in order to get the best version of the game that we can possibly get.

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What do you think of this news? Would you want even more changes to Pikmin 3? Do you not want any changes except maybe a graphical touch-up? Let us know in the comments!

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Pikmin 3


Pikmin 3 Will Require Nintendo Switch Online For Certain Modes


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