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Offering perhaps the most well-rounded Zoo management simulator since the original Zoo Tycoon games, Planet Zoo has been incredibly popular over the year since its release. Debuting new animals frequently on top of a series of quality of life updates, it seems the game has grown a substantial community who are always eager to build crazy new parks with the tools given to them by Frontier Developments.

The team has decided to expand that toolkit today with the introduction of the Planet Zoo: Australia Packwhich sees players gain access to a series of brand new animals and cosmetics for their parks. The central theme is, of course, Australian wildlife, and introduces five new animals for players to home in their parks.

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The fresh faces newly available in the pack are the Koala, Dingo, Red Kangaroo, Southern Cassowary, and Eastern Blue-Tongued Lizard, all of which make an appearance in a brand new trailer that highlights all the changes coming to the game. These also include over 230 new scenery pieces, which can be used to build incredible new structures in your park centered around the Planet Zoo add-on’s Australian theme.

The pack retails $9.99 and can be purchased right now on Steam. Alongside the new DLC is also a brand new free update, which introduces some major fixes to the game as well as fresh foliage and enrichment items, animal colour variations, and some new staff management options. Overall, it’s a great time to be a fan of Planet Zoo.

Planet Zoo is available now on PC.

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