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It's that time again — Play NYC 2020 has gone live, kicking off an online event that serves as one of the best ways to see up and coming indie games from New York-based Playcrafting. Best of all, you can check out these games right now!

Previously, Play NYC was a physical event that took place in Manhattan. As with most other events this year, the convention's organizers have made the decision to make this year's show fully digital. This means that you can get a first look at some pretty great games from the comfort and safety of your home — and that's not all!

What Can You Do During Play NYC 2020?

Part of the fun of Play NYC is getting hands-on with games that haven't quite come out yet. This year's show doesn't fail to deliver!

Check out the Exhibitors

Starting things off, there are dozens of exhibitors for you to check out. Many of these games aren't out yet, so this is a good chance to get a look at some cool upcoming indie games!

That's not to say that bigger game devs are shying away from the show, mind. Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic, and other studios of all sizes are participating in this year's show!

Download and Play 30+ Demos

The Play NYC 2020 exhibitors page also has a nifty "Demo Available" button — click it and you'll be taken to a selection of this year's exhibitors with demos that you can download and play right now! Some of the games with demos available include titles exhibited at past shows that we've covered before like Chromavaders and Fourzy, but there are plenty of new entries this year, too!

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Experience the Play NYC 2020 Graffiti Games

Every year, Play NYC has a number of "Graffiti Games" focused on a particular theme. These games are specifically built for the show and provide unique experiences that you can't get anywhere else.

This year's selection of Graffiti Games is sponsored by Rockstar Games and focuses on black game developers. Each of the five games is downloadable and available to play right now — go ahead and give them a look!

Watch and Learn from Indie Game Devs

Lastly (but far from leastly), Play NYC 2020 will have a number of live streams throughout the week! These streams will focus on talks, gameplay demos, and more, and you can tune in to them starting at 5:00 PM EDT/2:00 PM EDT. Check out the full Play NYC 2020 stream schedule for yourself to see what's coming up!

Play NYC 2020 is shaping up to give gamers a bunch of fun new games to try out and provide aspiring developers with useful advice. You'll be able to enjoy these games and streams from now until August 16, 2020 — you don't want to miss it!

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Play NYC 2020 live cover


Play NYC 2020 Goes Live with 30+ Playable Demos

New York's Best Indies at Your Fingertips

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