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A huge element in contemporary gaming is the ability to use online services whether its to catch up with friends, play online, or update a product. However, players who use the PlayStation 4 began reporting issues with its network earlier today. It was unclear why the PlayStation Network was not working for some players, but it seems that Sony has responded to the problem as quickly as possible.

Gaming has seen an increase in popularity this year and this is primarily because of safety measures that have encouraged people to stay indoors during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, many companies have altered how they stream games and the download speeds that they can offer to give governing bodies and those fighting the virus the right amount of bandwidth. This may be one reason why players are had trouble using the online services in the PlayStation Network but the company has been quiet about the situation.

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Since 10 AM BST, there were increasing reports of online problems on the PlayStation Network. The Down Detector has found that 76 percent of users have not been able to access online services since the initial spike. Many players reached out to PlayStation to find out what was causing the issue and when online services would resume but there has been no response. Furthermore, the service did not report any issues with its offering. Some PlayStation 4 users were receiving an error message of “np-34957-8” and it is unclear why this was not syncing with the PlayStation service report. This message usually means that the online servers are undergoing maintenance, and while this would make sense due to the scale of players struggling to get online, some will feel that they should have been informed.


The spike does appear to be fixed and many will hope that normal service resumes as soon as possible. This will likely be the case, but if further work is done, the huge PlayStation fanbase will want to be updated about how services will continue to be impacted.

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Source: Down Detector

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