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The majority of 2020 hasn’t exactly been what anyone expected heading into this year and there’s no exception for the Pokemon GO community. When lockdowns and stay-at-home orders started, there were initially concerns that it could mean the beginning of the end for the mobile AR experience. Considering that the game relies so heavily on hanging out in densely populated areas and often involves meeting up with groups of strangers for Battle Raids, the coronavirus could’ve been a disaster for the game.

Instead, Niantic adapted and has been constantly making tweaks to the game and its events to make it more playable than ever from the comfort of any trainer’s home. Rather than losing players, Pokemon GO’s quick adoption of increased spawn rates, remote raid passes, and remote events have led to one of the most profitable periods in the history of the game. As Pokemon GO players continue to show interest and participate in remote play, Niantic is still making additional tweaks to make the game as enjoyable as possible for everyone.

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Just this week, Niantic announced another tweak to the game that seems like it will make the title even more enjoyable for players who are staying home most of the time and avoiding the usual gathering spots. The change builds on an update from October 2019 that increased the areas on the map that would be treated as spawn points. This change goes a step further and adds even more additional spawn points around the world…

“As the world changes in real time, so do the locations where Pokémon can appear around you. Locations where Pokémon can be found could change as often as every month, reflecting efforts by Trainers to explore the world around them and interact with the world of Pokémon GO.”

The change rolled out yesterday and players around the world are already reporting positive feedback about the number of Pokemon that are appearing around residential areas. Obviously not every house in the world can become a spawn point, but this sort of change is quite exciting and does go a long way towards making the game enjoyable for players who live in rural areas and aren’t able to visit cities as often as some other players. These changes combined with the Wayfarer tools are hopefully helping lay a foundation that will keep rural and remote players engaged and active in the coming months and into 2021 when another winter season arrives.

Once the new event arrives this weekend, the festivities should give trainers a good reason to continue catching the best Unova Pokemon in the game and getting closer to that complete Pokedex. Check back for more Pokemon GO updates closer to the event. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

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