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The PS5 and the Xbox Series X are now within touching distance, and at this point, it’s become abundantly clear that both consoles are representing significant leaps over their predecessors in terms of their technological prowess. One of the most exciting aspects of next-gen hardware that developers in the industry seem to be particularly excited about is the solid state drive.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X both boast SSDs, though the PS5 has a pretty significant edge over its competitor in that area. According to Black Forest Games’ Johan Conradie though, who was technical director on the recent Destroy All Humans! remake, the higher IO speeds that the SSDs of both consoles will enable represent “fantastic” upgrades over what developers have been working with in the console space up until now.

“Having this level of IO performance is a fantastic upgrade to what we have been working with up to now,” Conradie said in an interview with GamingBolt. “You’ll see a revolution in next-gen games where loading time either is minimal or outright removed. Even the lower IO performance on the Xbox Series X is already a fantastic upgrade.”

While the PS5 has the edge over the Xbox Series X when it comes to the SSD, the opposite is true for the CPU. Both consoles are using semi-custom AMD Zen 2 processors, but the Xbox Series X has a marginally higher bandwidth. When asked about what this difference will mean for development, Conradie said that the PS5 will act as the “benchmark platform” for CPU optimization in multiplatform releases.

“The PS5 will be the benchmark platform for CPU optimization where the goal would be to get the same end-result performance on both platforms,” Conradie said.

Destroy All Humans! is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, while a Stadia release is also planned. In this same interview, the developers also spoke to us about the possibility of bringing the game to the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch- read more on that through here.

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