PS5’s Launch Window Lineup is “The Best That We’ve Ever Seen in the History of PlayStation” – Sony Exec


With Sony’s strong first party portfolio and recent reports about several major third party games being exclusive to the PS5, on top of all the multiplatform releases it will be seeing, the potential of the upcoming console’s library has got a lot of people very excited. Sony are quite confident about what they will have on offer as well, to the extent that they feel the PS5’s lineup in the launch window and beyond is the best ever in PlayStation history.

Speaking to GamesIndustry, Sony Interactive Entertainment SVP and head of global marketing Eric Lempel discussed the same, commenting that when it comes to content, combining Sony Worldwide Studios’ pipeline and the games in development at third party studio’s, the PS5’s lineup is “best line-up that we’ve ever seen in the history of PlayStation.”

“Once you get beyond all of the features of the PlayStation 5, which makes it a true next-generation product, it’s about the content,” Lempel said. “The content that will be in the launch window and beyond is incredibly exciting. I would say that this is the best line-up that we’ve ever seen in the history of PlayStation, between our Worldwide Studios groups and our partners from all the different publishers around the world.”

Lempel also says that while quite a few games have already been revealed, there are many more that are still unannounced, echoing earlier statements by PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan.

“We’ve revealed some of that content, and naturally there will be more to come, but the way that the developers can engage with this platform, and create these new experiences with known IP as well as unknown IP, is incredibly exciting,” he said.

While several PS5 games have already been revealed, there aren’t that many that have been confirmed to be releasing in the console’s launch window yet. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is confirmed as a launch title, while Hitman 3 releases in January 2021, and will be entirely playable in VR on the PS5 (and PS4). Deathloop was due out this Holiday as well, but recently got delayed into Q2 2021. Reports have suggested that Q2 2021 is when Resident Evil Village will launch as well.

Meanwhile, in this same interview, Lempel also talked about the PS5 in the midst of a global pandemic, and the challenges that has presented. You can read more on that through here.

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