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Red Dead Redemption 2‘s online players have had their hands full with the new role of Naturalist. Players are tasked with seeking out various legendary animals for either research or hunting. Naturalists have been able to encounter legendary animals like the Red Streak and Midnight Paw coyotes, which were added in the previous update. The most recent update goes live today and adds the legendary Banded Gator with some impressive mission rewards.

The Banded Gator has been sighted near Saint-Denis, and Naturalists level 5 and above can accept the mission from Harriet. Players have the choice of working with either Harriet or Gus, which have different objectives and rewards. Working with Harriet in Red Dead Online requires players to sedate and capture animals for equipment and ability boosting rewards, while Gus requires players to kill and retrieve the pelt for various cosmetic rewards.

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The Banded Gator mission may be a rare time when working with Gus provides the best rewards. Players can work with Gus to hunt the alligator, which will unlock a custom gator coat that looks amazing. The lapel of the coat is white Banded Gator skin and has a hood made of the Gator head. There are also two other legendary gator missions to take on that provide hats and gloves for working with Gus. Although working with Gus causes Harriet to become upset, the Banded Gator coat is something players may not want to pass up.


The update also adds new cosmetic items for all players including a fashionable Hopsmere Cardigan and Mitehill Pants, as well as the limited-time available Fernwater Coat and Hopeman Vest. Players are also being enticed to work with Gus with free rewards for crafting and purchasing items at his store. Players can receive a free vest for crafting a coat, or a free poncho with the purchase of any trinket. It seems like Red Dead Online is trying to make the choice of working with Harriet or Gus harder on players.


The update also features a sale that benefits Naturalists trying to level up quickly. The sale includes 30% off all Novice and Promising Naturalist items including the Improved Bow, and knocks five gold off the animal field guide, map, and sample kits. Players can become a Naturalist and easily get to level 5 to take on the new Banded Gator mission with the sale and the growing number of sighting missions to take on.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out now for the PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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