Ring Fit Adventure Has Sold Over 4 Million Copies

ring fit adventure

Nintendo can be, at times, a strange company. No other game company, especially of the three platform holders, is quite as unpredictable as they are. One such example is Ring Fit Adventure. While the game follows a certain philosophy that started with Wii Fit, few would expect a fairly intense workout game set with a JRPG skin. But it seems they hit a chord big time with the concept.

Nintendo released their most recent financial report, and in it they revealed the exercise RPG has sold over 4 million copies as of the end of July. It’s incredible for a few reasons. First and foremost, due to the specialty controller, there is no digital version available, and secondly, the game went through extreme stock shortages as it came right when the outbreak of COVID was at its peak. Had that not happened, the sales would probably be even higher.

It’s not too surprising at this point since we’d heard about milestones for the game, such as selling 1 million at Japanese retail alone. It can still be hard to find, with stock fluctuating in and out constantly. But Ring Fit Adventure sure didn’t skip leg day, that much is obvious.

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