Risk of Rain 2 Exits Early Access on August 11th

Risk of Rain 2

Hopoo Games’ Risk of Rain 2 will be finally be exiting Steam Early Access after a more than a year. It’s out on August 11th with the Launch Update bringing it to 1.0 status at last. The update will also bring some new content and features to current owners.

This includes a new Survivor, the Captain, who can create healing zones or provide armor to other players. The Captain is armed with a shotgun/rifle which is good for stunning foes and more precise shots. A new stage is also being added on the Moon, setting the stage for one’s escape.

Of course, that means new enemies and the last boss to deal. New skill variants will be unlockable through challenges and there will be new items to experiment with. Players can also create their own server games with rule voting, custom settings and so on or join the someone’s game via the new server browser. Currently, Risk of Rain 2 will be launching on PC first. Consoles are expected to follow a “very similar cadence” to previous update releases so stay tuned.

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