Rocket League Going Free to Play This Summer

Rocket League

Remember when Epic Games acquired Pysonix with plans to take Rocket League off Steam and how that went seemingly nowhere? Things are finally moving ahead with Rocket League going free to play on the Epic Games Store for PC this Summer. Cross-platform support will be enabled, which extends to Steam and Epic Games Store users.

The game will be removed from download on Steam when it goes free to play. Current owners will still receive all updates and features and maintain their inventory. They’ll also receive Legacy status in the form of all DLC being free to play, the “Est. 20XX” title which showcase the year one first started playing and over 200 Common items upgraded to “Legacy” quality. The Huntress player banner, Golden Cosmos Boost and Dieci-Oro wheels are also included with the status.

Furthermore, everyone who’s played the game before today will received the Faded Cosmos Boost for free. Transferring progress, including Rocket Pass progress and Competitive Rank, to another platform can be done with an Epic Games account. Stay tuned for more details, including how this free to play model will affect Rocket League’s future success.

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