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Sony still has yet to make any official announcements about the PlayStation 5 price or release date, but it seems like new numbers “leak” every week. The latest leak claims to reveal not just the price of the standard PlayStation 5 console, but the price of the all-digital PS5 as well, along with when fans can expect both of Sony’s upcoming next-generation systems to launch.

According to Chinese game industry website MyDrivers, the standard PlayStation 5 will retail for $499, with the all-digital version coming in at $100 cheaper, costing just $399. This is more or less in line with analyst predictions, and definitely seems to be reasonable price points for the next-generation consoles. As far as release dates go, MyDrivers believes that the PS5 will launch on Friday, November 20, which also makes sense as new games and hardware typically release on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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This latest PS5 price leak is in line with another recent leak about how much the new console will cost. Recently, Best Buy started listing financing options on its PS5 online page that suggested the new console would cost at least $499. The Best Buy listing made no mention of the all-digital PS5, though, but one has to imagine that it will indeed be cheaper than the one that comes with a disc drive.


Fans should take all of this information with a grain of salt, and try not to put too much stock in any PS5 price points or release dates unless they comes directly from Sony. However, if this latest PS5 leak is accurate, then it may also give fans a decent idea of what to expect from the Xbox Series X launch plans.

Microsoft has already confirmed that the Xbox Series X will launch in November, and it’s unlikely that it will release on the same day as the PS5. This narrows down the possible Xbox Series X release dates further, meaning that fans can likely expect it on Friday, November 6, 13, or 27. The 27 seems a little too late in the month, though, so that leaves November 6 or 13. November 13 is Friday the 13th, which is viewed as “unlucky” by superstitious people, and Microsoft may even take that into account when deciding when to launch the Xbox Series X, so a November 6 release date seems like the most likely, assuming this latest PS5 release date leak is accurate.

Then again, Microsoft could swerve everyone and launch the Xbox Series X on a Tuesday or an entirely different day of the week. And Sony could do the same with the PlayStation 5, releasing the console on an unexpected day with an unexpected price point. Here’s hoping that Sony and Microsoft share their release plans for their new consoles sooner rather than later so the “leaks” and speculation can finally be put to rest.

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Source: MyDrivers

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