Samurai Shodown Gets Free DLC Character, Gongsun Li From Honor Of Kings, On August 5

samurai shodown

After many years of dormancy, Samurai Shodown returned last year with a successful reboot that bought the sword clashing franchise back in a big way, and a collection of the series’ best NeoGeo titles of the past to the forefront. But even now the game continues to get updates with new additional characters, and the last one was unexpected to say the least as The Warden from Ubisoft’s For Honor joined the fray. Now another guest character is here, and it’s probably even more random for most people.

As you can see below, it was announced that Gongsun Li would be joining the roster next month, free of charge. Li is a bunny girl, or at least has bunny ears. Outside those ears, she fits right in with the cast as she battles with a deadly umbrella and some incredible jumps. She hails from Honor of Kings, a MOBA title that’s currently exclusive to China, so a lot of you may not have heard of her before. Check out her character trailer below.

Samurai Shodown is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Stadia. Gongsun Li will be a free DLC character for all versions on August 5th.

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