Scott Pilgrim Creator Says Ubisoft Has Reached Out To Him


It was 2010 when indie comic series, Scott Pilgrim, finished up its acclaimed run. The comic book was an interesting mix of video game and hipster tropes about a young man who had to battle his new girlfriend’s evil ex-boyfriends. It eventually saw a film adaptation as well as a video game beat’em up, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, both that came in the same year the comic ended. The game and its DLC was delisted in 2014. Since then fans have hoped that somehow it could come back, since it was largely a well-received game in the genre (which, at the time, wasn’t well represented). Well, it seems something could be happening.

The Creator, Writer and Artist of the original comic book series, Bryan Lee O’Malley, took to his official Twitter to say that Ubisoft, the game’s original publisher, had reached out to him. This came after O’Malley and the film adaptation’s Director, Edgar Wright, both tweeted to Ubisoft that they want to see the game’s return.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World released originally on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and then got some additional DLC. It’s been delisted and unavailable for over 6 years now. Hopefully, this reaching out will see the game’s return and not just more infinite sadness for fans.

PS. ubisoft has reached out to me

— Bryan Lee O'Malley (@bryanleeomalley) August 13, 2020

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