Shadow Warrior And RuneScape Developers Team Up To Make Multiplayer Sci-Fi Action RPG

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Right now, developer Flying Wild Hog is all about getting Shadow Warrior 3, and all the quirkiness and humor the series is known for, to us by 2021. But it seems that the revived FPS series isn’t the only thing the company has planned for next year. An unlikely team up has been announced that will see them seemingly tackle something quite different.

Via Twitter, it was announced that Flying Wild Hog and Jagex are teaming up for a new project. If you don’t know, Jagex is the developer behind the long running online RPGs, RuneScape and Old School RuneScape. The project apparently runs on Unreal Engine 4 and is due out next year. They say they also planned opened and closed beta phases planned out.

Despite being planned in such a close time frame, there’s next to no specific details on the game. It’s only described as a sci-fi multiplayer action RPG, which could mean a number of different things. Most likely, whatever it’ll be will be shown off soon if it really is that close, so stay tuned.

We’re delighted to announce that we’re partnering with @Flying_Wild_Hog to create an all-new multiplayer sci-fi action-RPG:

So load up your laser guns, and roll on 2021!

— Jagex (@Jagex) August 17, 2020

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